First Rail sought to add two key user journeys to its suite of existing apps to improve customer control over their rail and season ticket purchases. The introduction of ticket refund and ticket ‘Change of Journey’ functionalities, currently only available on-line, needed to integrate within the agreed design system and the capabilities of the existing payment platform.

With regular stakeholder contact to understand, map and visualise customer journeys for both processes, we strove to ensure the customers needs were met alongside any wider rail industry legislation requirements.

Working with the iOS and Android development teams, full visuals for all stages of each process were delivered, utilising and developing an agreed set of UI libraries and pre built components across mobile platforms and First Groups train operators brands.

  • Design Considerations

    • An Analysis of refund and ticket amendment options, both online and with physical tickets at stations, to gain an understanding of the possibilities and limitations of post purchase options
    • The integration of new user journeys within an existing framework, informing customers of their existing tickets, all post purchase options and the status of any refunds or travel amendments they may have requested
    • Development and mapping of UX/UI for both journeys from an agreed design system with the creation and justification of new components within that library to meet specific new requirements

  • Roles:

    Concept Development, UX/UI Design