Sky were seeking to update the customer order journey for their existing multiscreen product offering. Rebranded as ‘Sky Q experience’, the subscription package would be available for customer sign up via their TV using the Sky Q platform.

Additional Mini boxes, shipped to and self installed by the customer, could be ordered with all costs calculated and clearly itemised in an on screen monthly statement within their account area.

  • Design Considerations

    • Customer able to add one Mini box for each additional TV they want the service on
    • First Mini box will be subsidised, but cost of subsequent boxes must be outlined to the customer
    • A maximum of 4 Mini boxes can be purchased, customers must see how many they currently have and how many can still be ordered
    • All one-off and monthly payment costs to be shown within the billing area with clear itemised breakdowns
    • Interface layout and navigation must sit within existing design rules and capabilities of the hardware remote

  • Invision Project Board
    View user flows and concept wireframes
  • Roles:

    Concept Development, UX/UI Design