BT were seeking to develop and improve the effectiveness of messaging to their SME and public sector clients. A new structure for KCI (Keep Customer Informed) email messaging would ensure customers were kept up to date with all aspects of their service, from order confirmations through to equipment delivery and fault tracking resolution.

A review of existing messaging layout, combined with analysis and development of new UI requirements, enabled improved communication of pricing, delivery dates and the customers understanding of where they were within an order journey.

  • Design Considerations

    • An analysis of existing table based information across responsive devices and the use of marketing and product imagery throughout
    • The integration of messaging content with that on the main Enterprise BT site to improve the effectiveness of CTA's and customer experience
    • The creation of a style guide and UI kit, to allow multiple teams and departments to deliver messaging to an agreed visual layout and functionality.

  • Messaging examples & Style guide

    Order Acknowledgement Mobile / Desktop
    Order Dates Confirmation Mobile / Desktop
    Order Complete Desktop
    On Boarding Mobile / Desktop

    Omega Messaging style guide & UI Kit

  • Roles

    Concept Development, UX / UI Design