BT Mobile required a redesign of their handset product pages to better highlight options, packages and tariff information for all models available via their store.

The reduction of technical specifications would allow for more focus on features relevant to current promotions such as data packages or Wi-Fi calling.

With the packages product card now positioned closers to handset colour and memory options the user has an improved overview of features, prices and availability.

A smaller handset overview was added to the tariff page to allow the user to make further adjustments to handset features and view updated package details and prices.

  • Design Considerations

    • Increase conversion from handset pages
    • Streamline full handset specifications to key features and options only
    • Improve positioning of package product card to bring it closer to handset details
    • Allow users to change handset options and be able to see resulting price changes

  • Roles

    UX / UI Design